Our quality policy

GAESTOPAS is a marketing company for small, low voltage, industrial electrical supplies. Our current context of marketing are customers like wholesalers of electric material, in most cases with a high degree of loyalty to our products. Degree of compliance both in service provision and in customer service are key distinguishing aspects in the company.

Headquarters being located in Hernani and local offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Zaragoza and Canary Islands, our main geographic service area is Spain and Portugal with the intention and purpose of widening this area. The aim of the company is to broaden its horizons and its market keeping the mark regarding quality service level.

The Management assumes leadership and agrees to provide adequate response under current circumstances that surround us, such as technological innovations, lower prices, more demanding international markets and customers. This requires us to respond to these demands by permanently adapting ourselves to the environment and continuously offering the best products and services to satisfy the needs and expectations of our current customers and possible potential customers, with the objective of guaranteeing the future of our Company.

We consider our Quality Policy to be “The road designed to reach the objectives”.

In order to achieve this aim, the Quality Policy we have defined is as follows:

  • Comply with customers´ requirements as well as legal and regulation requirements
  • To ensure that the services we carry out do satisfy our customers’ expectations
  • To maintain a continuous improvement of the image and reputation of the company as regards the quality of service
  • To reach the achievement of the objectives set out, as regards quality, and to improve them
  • The continuous improvement of the quality management system
  • To continuously guarantee the health and safety of the workers in all aspects related to their work
  • Involving staff in achieving company´s goals

The scope of Certification is only valid for Headquarters