About us

Gaestopas started its path in the distribution of electric materials sector in a little warehouse located in San Sebastian in 1969. The enterprise was founded by four basque entrepreneurs linked to the machine-tool production market. These machines needed german cable glands for the electric connections. All that, added to the professionalism of our partners has made Gaestopas the market model in this speciality.


Nowadays, to take care of the needs of our more than 1.500 customers, we have a 12.000 m2 facilities available in Hernani, among the warehouse and manufacturing plant. In the same way, we have branches in Madrid, Barcelona and Zaragoza and offices in Murcia, Alicante, Badajoz, Jaén and Canary Islands with a wide commercial network of 20 commercial agents in the whole country.

As one of the leading companies in our sector, we are involved in a continuous innovative process to take care of the needs of the market, whether launching new products or developing improvements in the already existing ones. Likewise, we have facilities according to our wide range of products, keeping automated a part of our warehouse to offer a high quality service.

International projection

Some years ago, in order to continue growing, we started an internationalization process to meet the needs of our customers all over the world. We do export to several European countries like England, Germany, France and Belgium, and being represented in some countries of South America.

Gaestopas is distinguished by being a responsible enterprise providing its customers with orientation and professional, competitive and high quality solutions. A portfolio of more than 15.000 articles allows our customers to fulfil most of their needs gathering them in one supplier.