Privacy Policy

The main purpose of the Website is to inform about the products and the activity of GAESTOPAS, S.L.

GAESTOPAS, S.L. assumes the legal obligations in terms of personal data protection, specially in regard to:

  • The existence of a file containing or the treatment of personal data.
  • The purpose of data collection.
  • The recipients of information.
  • The optional or obligatory nature of the questions we ask.
  • The consequences of obtaining data or the refusal to supply them.
  • The possibility to make use of the access rights, modifications, cancelations and oppositions.
  • The identity and address of the person in charge of the data processing, or when appropiate, their representative.

GAESTOPAS, S.L. wishes users to have all the necessary information to decide specifically, freely and voluntarily whether they want to provide their personal data in the way in which it is required. Hence, users will be informed that their data will be included in a computer file and GAESTOPAS, S.L., with registered office in Poligono Akarregi - Parcela 6 20120 HERNANI (Gipuzkoa) will be the owner and responsible for said file. The aim of using this data is to:

  • Serve promotions in accordance with the bases.
  • Obtain statistical information of the taking part of the users .
  • Inform the user about the existence of products, services or offers from GAESTOPAS, S.L. and/or third colaborative companies.

Unless specifically expressed otherwise, the data collected in the forms is neccesary and compulsory to access and participate in the Website's activities or sections of the Web that responses. GAESTOPAS, S.L. cannot register those people who do not provide the obligatory data.

The user should fill in the forms with true, accurate and complete information, and he/she shall be responsible for the damages that may arise in case the forms are filled incorrectly, with false, inaccurate, incomplete or outdated information.

GAESTOPAS, S.L. pledges to adopt the personal data protection safety levels required by current legislation, with implementation according to those technical and organisational measures necessary to avoid loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorised access or any other potential risks. It is likewise stated that one of the different safety mechanisms applied involves the use of a password, which is only known to the user and GAESTOPAS, S.L. undertakes to comply with the duty of confidentiality regarding the data contained in the automated files in pursuance of current legislation.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act and other pertinent legislation, the user, or their representative, as well as parents and tutors, may exercise their right to access, rectification, cancellation and, as appropiate, opposition at any moment by sending a written notification to GAESTOPAS, S.L. confirming the identity of the user to

GAESTOPAS, S.L. inform that it is resposible for and owner of the files, without damage that may cause a third to take care of the management of them, provide the users have given their express consent.

Regarding to the use of Cookies, GAESTOPAS, S.L. informs the user that this Web site uses cookies when the user is surfing the various screens and pages of the site, with the aim of recognizing the registered users and offering personalized service, as well as provide information about the date and hour of the visit, measurement of certain traffic parameters of the Web site and estimate the number of visits made, thus allowing GAESTOPAS, S.L. to adapt and adjust the services offered in as an effective way as possible. The cookies used are stored in the user's hard drive but do not allow the data contained within them to be read, nor do they read cookies files created by other suppliers. Used cookies are neither invasive nor harmful, being possible to deactivated using the button for this in the browser.

Our main concern is to safeguard users' personal data.We take great care when relaying data from the user´s computer to our servers.

Only those employees who need to access user data for their work are able to do so. Any employee that violate our data protection policy and/or of security policy will be subject to disciplinary actions, incluying a possible dismissal as well as the filing of civil and/or criminal actions.

The user's registration data are protected by a password whereby only the user and GAESTOPAS, S.L. are granted access, being able to view, delete, correct or cancel the register. Users are advised not to reveal their password to anyone.

Finally, if the user is not using its own computer, we recommend not to forget logging out before doing exit from the Web site of GAESTOPAS, S.L. and closing the browser when finishing searching through it. This is to ensure that nonody can access to the user's personal data nor user's post in the event of his/her computer would be accessible by thirds or if he/she shared with others.