Use of Gel Joints

Gel joints series is suitable to guarantee insulation of low voltaje main and shunted, single-pole and multi-pole connections ranging from 0.6/1 kV.

Use of Gel Joints

The insulation is guaranteed by a cross-linked polymer gel with two insulating plastic shells hinged with a snap-in closing system. The non-toxic gel with high insulation properties allows, even after long operating times, the possibility to re-enter the connection in order to do adjustments or amendments within the line. The main connections series allows single-pole and multi-pole connections with max. section of 1x185 mm2 and 4x25 mm2; the shunted connections series allows single-pole and multi-pole shunted connections with max. section respectively of 1x120 mm2 and 4x10mm2.

The insulation phase in each joint is made with a separator included in the kit or with the innovative modular insulated terminals, up to five phases with max. section of 35 mm2.

Different models with different size are suitable for several applications: overhead installation or directly underground, in wells, in street lightning installation, tunnels. The insulation of telecommunication twisted-pair cables is done with the model GEL0.25.


  • Self-extinguishing polypropylene – shells + separator

Technical specifications:

  • Protection degree IP68

  • Operating temperature from -20oC to +90oC

Regulations compliance:

  • CEI EN 50393 (0.6/1kV)

  • CEI EN 60529

  • Rohs Directive 2011/65/EC

  • EN 60695-2-11: self-extinguishing

  • CEI-20-37/2-1, CEI 20-37/7: low emission of toxic gas and fumes

Components and characteristics:

  • Two polypropylene hinged shells with patented water tight system, made up of a longitudinal ribbing functioning as the gel containing bulkhead. At both ends there are pre-fractured walls that allow gel overflowing, ensuring a good water tightness.

  • Wire slipping is avoided in longitudinal direction thanks to ribbling at the ends of the shells and in transversal direction thanks to wire fixing with tie-wraps included in the package.

  • There are two holes at the ends of each model in order to insert and fix tie-wraps.


  • Re-enterable connection.

  • High mechanical strength with wide range of operating temperature.

  • Fast laying.

  • Cross-linked gel in the two shells (avoiding additional casting)

  • Versatility of application, even in submerged conditions.

  • High watertight properties.

  • High dielectric strength.

  • Non sliding wires.

High strength against chemical agents or UV rays.

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